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PLC Controller Expansion Card

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As a add-on option, expansion card is another way to expand PLC’s capacity and capabilities, aside from IO modules. Compared to IO Module, expansion card is small in size, easy to use, available to all models, but limited in options.

Expansion Modules is another way to expand PLC’s capacities and capabilities.

Expansion Cards have two sizes. Cards with 4 channels are a little bigger than card with 2 channels. PLC with less than 16 inputs/16 outputs can fit on only 1 card. PLC with 16 inputs, 16 outputs and more have enough room to fit on either two small cards, or 1 big 1 small cards. In other words, 2 expansion cards with 4 channels can’t be used on one PLC at the same time. If that’s what you need to do, IO Module would be a practical option.

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Resolution Input/Output Range Value Range
D to A 12bits Output Current: 4~20mA 0~2000
A to D 12bits Input Current: 4~20mA 0~2000
PT(Thermo-Resistance) 14bits Sensor: PT100 – 100~600 -1000~6000
TC(Thermo-Couple) 14bits Sensor: K type -100~1200
Sensor: J type -100~600
DAV 12bits Output Voltage: -10~10V -2000~2000
ADV 12bits Input Voltage: -10~10V 2000~2000

Available Options:

Expansion CardsDescription
LX3V-2AD2DA-BD2 * Analog inputs + 2 * Analog outputs (4-20mA)
LX3V-2ADV2DAV-BD2 * Analog inputs + 2 * Analog outputs (0-10V)
LX3V-2TC2DA-BD2 * Thermo-couple Temperature Inputs + 2 * Analog Outputs
LX3V-2PT2DAI-BD2 * PT100 Temperature Inputs + 2 * Analog Outputs (4-20mA)
LX3V-2PT2DAV-BD2 * PT100 Temperature Inputs + 2 * Analog Outputs (0-10V)
LX3V-4ADI-BD4 * Analog Inputs (4-20mA)
LX3V-4ADV-BD4 * Analog outputs (0-10V)
LX3V-2PT-BD 2 * RTD (PT100) Temperature Inputs
LX3V-2TC-BD2 * Thermo-couple Temperature Inputs
LX3V-2ADI-BD2 * RTD (PT100) Temperature Outputs
LX3V-2ADV-BD2 * Thermo-couple Temperature Outputs
LX3V-2DAI-BD2 * RTD (PT100) Temperature Inputs
LX3V-2DAV-BD2 * Thermo-couple Temperature Inputs
LX3V-2PTS-BD2 * RTD(PT100) Temperature Input. Range: -190~600℃, Precision: 0.025℃~0.05℃
LX3V-ETH-BDEthernet Port
LX3V-2RS485-BD2 * RS485 Ports
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