Using PLC, together with load cell, as a weighing scale

In automation industry, weighing is an important step in the process of automated packaging etc. Our PLC supports 4- and 6-wire load cells. The expansion module LX3V-1WT has 1 channel for weight, LX3V-2WT has 2 channels for weight, and the resolution is 24bit.

Its specs is as follows:

Using this module in a project is very easy, it takes three steps:

  1. Set Zero Point. Remove all the weights on the load cell, Set this as zero point to PLC.
  2. Use known load to calibrate. Get a load of known weight, or use other scale to get its weight, put it on the load scale, punch in its weight to set it back to PLC.
  3. Now the scale has been calibrated, you are ready to weigh.

Here’s a screenshot of the calibration process:

Here to download the sample code of both HMI and PLC, and the module’s manual.