Sample of 1WT module for weight scale

As an important and integral link, weighing is part of the process in industry automation. We have models of LX3V-1WT and LX3V-2WT to support 1 channel and 2 channels of weighing load cell connection.

The programming is very easy. You just need to calibrate then be ready to read from a certain address of the weight.

The module can work with 4-wire or 6-wire load cells, with a resolution of 24bits. For more specs, please refer to the specs below.

Calibration is required before start weighing. It’s a 3-step process as showed by the picture below:

After calibration, you are read to go.

Here to download the manual of the 1WT module:

Expansion Module LX3V-1WT for 1 Channel of Weighing – User Manual

Here to download the sample project of both PLC and HMI (PI platform).

1WT sample projects.